New Report Reveals DeSantis is Leading ’24 Contender Among Key Voting Bloc

As Republicans maintain focus on winning back Congress this November more conservatives are looking even further ahead to the next presidential election and who might be the prime Republican to lead the GOP back to the White House. It’s no secret that Donald Trump is seriously considering a third presidential run in 2024 but after a heartbreaking loss in 2020 and a subsequent riot which Democrats now use as ammunition against the right, some conservatives say it’s time for the party to look forward–and beyond Trump.

The current favorite to become the 2024 Republican nominee if Trump doesn’t launch a campaign is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis–whose political popularity was boosted by Trump himself when the former President endorsed the then-Congressman to run for governor.

DeSantis’s bold leadership throughout the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with his conservative values have helped make him a household name and a figure impossible to ignore when discussing the next presidential election. The Florida Republican is one of the few presidential contenders that has said he has no intention of basing his political plans on Trump’s future and has even refused to ask Trump for an endorsement for his gubernatorial re-election campaign.

DeSantis has repeatedly said he is solely focused on his re-election campaign but his calculated decisions to seemingly distance himself from Trump could indicate his desire to set himself apart as a leader in his own right, as opposed to a politician piggy-backing on Trump’s success.

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