San Fransisco Votes to Recall Soft-on-Crime District Attorney

On Tuesday, San Fransisco voters recalled George Soros-backed district attorney Chesa Boudin.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Voters strongly endorsed ousting the reform-minded D.A. as partial returns showed about 60% of voters supporting the recall,” The Wall Street Journal reported. Since Boudin took office in January 2020 “burglaries have risen 45%” and “homicides have increased 37%.”

Boudin, who was backed by far-Left billionaire George Soros, claimed that he embarrassing defeat was really a victory, saying, “We have already won because we have redefined the way people think about the role of the district attorney’s office.”

After the vote was officially tallied, Boundin released a bitter message blaming “right-wing billionaires” for the recall effort.

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