Florida Supreme Court Leaves DeSantis Congressional Map Intact

On Thursday the Florida Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Congressional map which heavily favors Republicans, meaning the map is likely to stay in place for November’s midterms.

The decision means that Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeal will have the final say on the map. That court previously threw out a circuit court decision to redraw the map.

The Hill reports:

The state Supreme Court’s announcement came in response to a lawsuit filed by several outside groups alleging that the map approved by the state legislature violated the state’s Fair Districts amendments by diminishing the ability of Black voters to elect a representative of their choice.

The lawsuit focused on the redrawn 5th Congressional District, which is currently represented by Rep. Al Lawson (D). It argues that under the new map, Black voters will face a harder time electing a congressman of their choice, even though nearly half of the district’s residents are Black.

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