McCormick Asks for Hand Recount in 12 Pennsylvania Counties

Republican Senate candidate Dave McCormick’s campaign announced on Tuesday that the candidate is asking for a hand recount in a dozen Pennsylvania counties in the May 17 GOP Senate primary vote as the margin between McCormick and Mehmet Oz remains razor-thin.

“It’s been two weeks since Election Day, and we still don’t have a full vote count,” a senior McCormick campaign official told reporters.

McCormick trails rival Dr. Mehmet Oz by just over 900 votes out of more than 1.3 million cast. Oz’s extremely narrow lead is well within the 0.5% threshold for an automatic recount of the results, which was ordered by state officials last week. Some counties have already begun the mandated machine recount, and all must start no later than Wednesday. Counties must conclude their tabulations by noon on June 7 and submit their recount results by noon the next day.

But the McCormick senior campaign official lamented, “We’re doing a recount of a count that I actually don’t know the results of… We have essentially two different sources of data. One being the counties. Two being the Department of State, with completely different [results].”
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