Democrat Impeachment Lawyer Launches Congressional Bid

Attorney Daniel Goldman, the top lawyer for Democrats during former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial, is jumping into a crowded primary for a redrawn New York City House district.

Goldman is joining a field of 10 other Democratic candidates, including a sitting House member, a former House lawmaker, and the most recent New York City mayor. The race will likely highlight rifts within the party, and the winning candidate only needs a plurality of the vote to advance to the general in the heavily Democratic district.

“The existential threats to our democracy and fundamental rights are real & urgent,” Goldman said in his announcement. “We need voices in Congress with experience and courage to defend our democracy & rights, as I did leading the impeachment investigation of Trump.”

Goldman came to prominence in 2019 with his provocative questions of witnesses during the impeachment hearing concerning Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. He ran for New York attorney general but ended his campaign when sitting Attorney General Letitia James said she would run for reelection. Goldman has also intermittently been an MSNBC political and legal analyst.

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