Key Primary Showdowns Put Trump’s Power to the Test

While Americans are watching how individual candidates perform in races across the country there is no doubt that the country is also watching former President Donald Trump this primary season. The former president has been using his sizeable political influence to help candidates but also test the waters to see just how much power he still wields over the conservative base as he hints at another presidential campaign.

While the true test of Trump’s political might will come this November, a number of high-profile primary races may offer a glimpse of what to expect.

Among what are expected to be some of the most contentious and expensive races in the country, Trump-endorsed Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker won the Republican nomination. The former University of George football star has been leading in the polls since announcing his campaign. Trump even offered Walker an endorsement prior to launching an official Senate campaign.

However, one of the best tests for Trump came down to the Georgia gubernatorial primary between incumbent Brian Kemp and Trump-backed former Senator David Perdue. Trump has repeatedly blamed Kemp for not supporting his claims of widespread fraud in the state in the 2020 election. In 2020, the traditionally red state was won by Democrat Joe Biden and lost both Senate seats to Democrats, something that Trump has often blamed Kemp for. Kemp will face off against Democrat nominee Stacey Abrams in November, Abrams ran unopposed in the primary.

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