Disney Went Woke, They Deserve What Comes Next

Disney broke the deal — with me, with you, with tens of millions of parents. I may not be cancelling my Disney+ subscription (yet), but I’m one of the company’s hundreds of millions of subscribers who feels betrayed by its “woke” embrace.

It’s a shame. Star Wars came out the year I was born, and it’s been an indelible part of my life. And it’s now a part of my children’s lives. I grew up on Marvel comics before the movie franchise made comic books “cool,” and I don’t want to miss out on the mindless fun that Disney brings to live action — not yet, at least.

Whereas YouTube is more difficult to police, Disney’s entire business model has focused on plenty of curated content for quality family time, but also plenty of parental outsourcing. That virtual safe space is difficult for parents to replace, and I know way too many of the songs from “Moana” and “Encanto” to give it all up. For now.

But Disney broke the deal. Hundreds of millions of subscribers give Disney eyeballs and clicks, and we pay for the privilege — in the billions of dollars. We turn our kids into Disney viewers and consumers for a wide range of reasons. Ultimately, it’s because we’ve grown to trust Disney with our kids. We want to believe, “Hey, it’s Disney, they’re a wholesome company.” And that is the deal: We trust Disney. They make loads of cash, and we get quality, uncontroversial content for our kids. That has always been the deal.

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