94 Percent Of Americans Concerned About Inflation, Want GOP to Re-take Congress

More than 9 in 10 American are concerned about inflation, according to a new poll.

According to the poll of more than 1,000 adults conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News between April 24-28, fully 94% of Americans were either “upset” or “concerned” about the impact of skyrocketing inflation.

The poll asked respondents: “Thinking about the current rate of inflation, meaning rising prices – is this something you are upset about, concerned about but not upset, or not concerned about?” Some 44% of adults said they were “upset” about inflation. Another 50% said they were “concerned but not upset,” and just 6% said they were not concerned.

The poll also asked respondents their opinion of how President Joe Biden was handling his job as president. Biden’s overall approval was underwater by 10 points: 42% of voters approved of Biden’s job, while 52% disapproved. Broken down by intensity, Americans had much stronger negative feelings about Biden than positive. Respondents who approved of Biden were evenly split: 21% strongly approved of Biden’s job, while 21% somewhat approved. Respondents who disapproved were much more intense: 42% of respondents strongly disapproved, while just 10% somewhat disapproved.

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