Democrats Say Holding Election for Loudoun School Board This Year Would ‘Subvert Democracy’

The left has lost their minds. Now, Virginia Democrats say that holding a school board election is an attempt to “subvert democracy.”

On Thursday, the Democrat-controlled Virginia Senate blocked an amendment from Governor Glenn Youngkin that would force the Loudoun County School Board to stand for re-election this year.

The governor proposed moving the election up one year to coincide with congressional elections and therefore bring in a larger voter turnout. School board elections have been held in odd-numbered years and have reported a small turnout.

The Daily Wire reports:

Democrats said Youngkin was trying to thwart democracy, since voters elected board members to four-year terms in 2019. Loudoun Board of Supervisors member Juli Briskman on Twitter called the block of the amendment “Excellent News!! Thank you for stopping this attempt to subvert democracy!!”

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