Former NY Police Chief to Run for Congress as a Republican

Former Rochester, New York police chief La’Ron Singletary has been a Democrat for years but is now running for Congress as a Republican. The former police chief told Fox News that the Democrat Party “left him” when it began supporting the defunding the police.

Fox News reports:

LA’RON SINGLETARY: It’s about politicians who decided to put politics over people, and it’s just wrong. Like Ronald Reagan said, I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left La’Ron Singletary. And for me, it’s about wanting to serve people, meet people where they are and leave them in a better spot.

The last two years, the Democratic Party has been trying to rid policies that have been disproportionately impacting the African-American community and Hispanics. And defund the police has done just that. It makes no sense whatsoever. Defunding the police is like removing the wood from the bottom of your boat to fix your deck. It makes no sense.

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