Clinton Lawyers Seek Information Protection in Trump Lawsuit

Former President Donald Trump’s recently filed lawsuit against Hillary Clinton actually might help hide details of efforts to undermine Trump and his 2016 campaign, Politico reported.

Court filings released Tuesday showed that attorneys for the private investigation firm Fusion GPS argued that details of confidential discussions about the since discredited Steele Dossier should remain secret, Politico reported.

The lawyers argued, in part, that Trump’s litigiousness, which was at the heart of the decision to hire Fusion, enhances the desire to conceal specifics of Fusion’s work via attorney-client privilege.

In a court filing connected to the criminal prosecution of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann and the campaign’s general counsel, Marc Elias contends that Fusion played a role in his effort to guard the Clinton camp and the Democratic National Convention from Trump as they prepared to attack his business record and foreign entanglements, Politico reported.

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