Democrat Donor, Ed Buck, Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

Former Democrat donor, Ed Buck has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the death of two Black men who overdosed in his home.

The Daily Wire reports:

Buck, 67, was found guilty last July on nine felony counts, including “maintaining a drug den, distribution of methamphetamine and enticement to cross state lines to engage in prostitution,” the Los Angeles Times reported at the time. The meth-related charges carried mandatory minimums of 20 years in prison.

Buck had been exchanging drugs for sexual favors, which led to the overdose deaths of two black men in his West Hollywood, California, apartment. NBC News reported that prosecutors sought a life sentence for Buck, noting that he preyed on the vulnerable to fulfill his sexual fetish.

His defense attorneys, on the other hand, asked for a sentence of less than 25 years, suggesting it could allow for rehabilitation and “would be much preferable to relegating him to death in prison.”

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