Lawyer Breaks Silence After Holding Hillary Clinton Accountable for Russia Dossier

Dan Backer, President and General Counsel for the Coolidge-Reagan Foundation, joins John Solomon with “Just the News, Not Noise” to discuss a recent victory over Hillary Clinton.

Last week the Coolidge-Reagan Foundation did the near-impossible by holding Hillary Clinton and her drones at the Democrat National Committee (DNC) accountable for their roles in funding the Christopher Steele Dossier. The Federal Election Commission(FEC) fined Clinton and the DNC thousands over their roles in creating the now-debunked dossier which Backer says serves as a “semblance of accountability, and probably the first fine that the Clintons are ever actually paying.”

However, Backer goes on to note that Clinton’s latest loss means more than just paying for her bitter hatred toward Donald Trump. DNC and Clinton campaign “colluded with the Russian government, and they did it knowingly, and they hid it from the public,” Backer says.

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