Report: Republicans Expected to Make Major Gains With Latino Voters

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Florida — House Republicans are expressing confidence that they can continue to cut into Democrats’ stronghold over Hispanic voters, asserting the party will build upon the gains seen during the last election cycle.

While recent polling hasn’t shown a mass wave of Hispanic voters shifting toward the GOP, it has indicated Republicans have seen a sizable uptick in support from the Latino community. That could be enough to tip key House districts their way in the November midterm elections.

Hispanic GOP lawmakers cited Democrats’ handling of economic issues and the impact inflation has had on Latino families as a significant reason for the rise in support, which they feel will have a strong effect in the election in November.

“Among those that are suffering most [from rising costs] are the Hispanics in this country. The hard-working Hispanic population of this country, they can no longer afford, we can no longer afford the policies of the Left that have done nothing but create crisis after the crisis and the highest inflation in 40 years,” Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, a Florida Republican, told reporters during a press conference conducted in both Spanish and English. “This trend that we’ve been seeing of Hispanics voting Republican is going to be at record numbers.”

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