GOP Presidential Digest

Republicans and Democrats are constantly at odds in America, these disagreements turn into battles fought across several states and all branches of our government. These disputes are centered around political, cultural, and economic issues that we deeply care about, so it makes sense to stay informed and get involved. 

This is your GOP Presidential Digest, where we are going to go over all of the subtle details in the big stories through this past week. It’s important to know all the details with dishonest journalists and fake news empires running amuck, it’s easy to read a headline and get misinformed so let’s take a look at the facts.  


Senator Exposes Secret Government Plot


Senator Ron Wyden(D-Ore.) has revealed the existence of a massive program that allows the Federal Government to obtain millions of financial records without a warrant. 

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement was conducting surveillance on transactions greater than $500 USD to or from Mexico, without a warrant. Senator Wyden was informed of this project after his office had issued an information request to the Department of Homeland Security. 


News Network for Latino Americans has Democrats Sweating 


A new Spanish-language news network that will cover conservative news on satellite radio is kicking into gear and democrats who are already losing support from the Latino community are beginning to sweat.  

In an effort to push back on this network, Democrats have already begun to hammer the network as “right-wing disinformation”. 


Liberal News Networks Line Up for Biden Press Secretary 


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki may be on the way out, some media organizations are reportedly looking to pick her up in the not so distant future.

It is being alleged that Jen Psaki is getting offers from CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC. This could be a sign that Psaki is looking to get off the sinking ship that is the Biden administration.