CPAC: Trump Makes Biggest 2024 Hint Yet

Conservatives from across the country gathered in Orlando, FL for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and one thing is clear, Donald Trump remains the king of the Republican Party.

Over the last year of Biden’s disastrous presidency, Americans have been forced to compare the two politicians. Trump is known for his larger-than-life personality, sometimes to his own detriment, versus the leadership of an incompetent man who’s slowly but surely drifting off into senility. The drastic differences in leadership have even had Democrats say they miss Trump’s mean tweets right about now.

Donald Trump hasn’t shied away from the fact he thinks Biden’s handling of the country has been dismal, to say the least, and that he’s prepared to do what he can to fix it. Over the past months, Trump has strongly hinted at his plans to launch a third presidential campaign, setting up a rematch with Biden if he decides to pursue a second term. However, Trump’s strongest hint yet at a comeback came as he delivered a speech at CPAC to thousands of attendees.

Trump’s Save America rallies have attracted thousands of Republicans before and often look more like a rock concert than a political rally. His speech at CPAC was no different as conservatives cheered for the 45th president as he attacked Biden’s catastrophic behavior with America’s borders and economy.

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