Republicans Push for Energy Independence

Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley pressed for the United States to increase its domestic oil production, in addition to existing sanctions on Russia’s energy industry, in order to respond to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Russia’s brutal assault on Ukraine and invasion of its territory must be met with strong American resolve,” Hawley said in a statement Thursday. “President Biden must act now to hit Vladimir Putin where it hurts, beginning with Russia’s energy sector. The Biden Administration should sanction Russian energy production to a halt, and help arm the Ukrainians to defend themselves. At the same time, the White House should reopen American energy production in full. This is the time to show Russia and the world that America will not reward aggression and it will not be dependent on its enemies.”

Hawley followed up his official statement with a tweet Thursday morning announcing legislation to revitalize American energy production. “I will introduce legislation on Monday when the Senate returns to session to lift Joe Biden’s shut down of the American energy sector and return American energy to full production. No more weakness,” the Missouri Senator said.

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