Putin Rips Off Americans Liberal Talking Point

Russian President Vladimir Putin created multiple flimsy pretexts for invading Ukraine, one of which came straight from the American left’s playbook.

In addition to creating false flag attacks to frame Ukraine as the aggressors in his war, and questioning the right of Ukraine to exist as a sovereign state based on historical connections to Russia, Putin has claimed that his country must invade and pacify the Ukrainian regime because it is run by Nazis. While the tactic hasn’t swayed many observers, some on the American left have repeated the same talking point as Russia carries out its offensive in Ukraine.

When Putin delivered an address Thursday announcing the invasion of Ukraine, he said it was necessary to complete the “demilitarization and denazification” of Ukraine. He once again repeated the false allegation that Kyiv has been carrying out a genocide against Russians in the country for eight years.

Supporters of Putin’s theory will point to the Azov Battalion, a single regiment within the Ukrainian National Guard which harbors neo-nazi sympathies and wears Nazi symbolism into battle. However, beyond that battalion, experts say there is little support for the claim that Ukraine is a country run by far-right extremists.

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