Juan Williams Blames the Republican Party for Massive Increase in Crime

Crime is on the rise in America, hence why so many Americans now feel the need to start packing, and everyone’s favorite Fox News Commentator Juan Williams has the answer to why.

Juan Williams recently wrote an op-ed for The Hill where he goes on to explain that yes, the murder rate is up, but Republicans and lax gun control laws are to blame.

Williams opens his op-ed saying that Republicans are going to use the nationwide rise in violent crime against Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, which in his view is a strange thing to do. Williams points out that some of the states with the highest murder rates in the country are run by Republicans and have relaxed gun control laws. Williams goes on to say that these murders involve guns and he alludes to guns being the problem in these areas.

Williams’ piece then goes into how it is strange that Republicans would want to bring up crime considering the points he has brought up.

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