‘Marvel’ Star Takes Aim at Canadian Despot

Ant-Man star Evangeline Lilly urged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tredeau to treat protesting truckers “with respect,” instead of smearing them as “racist terrorists.”

The former Lost actress addressed Tredeau’s refusal to meet with leaders of the Freedom Convoy purposefully clogging up the inroads of the country’s capital, Ottawa.

“I want to speak to you today about your current approach and treatment of our fellow Canadians who are protesting your federal vaccine mandates,” she said in a video released over the weekend.

“If you are so convinced of your own reasons for the mandates, sit down and walk the leaders of a group of 2.3 million protesters across the country who represent many millions more across the nation and explain it to them,” Lilly admonished. “And ask them to listen with open hearts and minds and then reciprocate.”

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