NYPD Blue Star Urges US Truckers To ‘Shut Down’ Washington D.C. Over Vax Mandate

Ricky Shroder called on American truckers to join their Canadian counterparts in protest of COVID-19 vaccine mandates and “shut down” the nation’s capital.

The former “Silver Spoons” child star released a video on Instagram last week, which began with a Bible verse and shifted praise for the truck drivers behind the “Freedom Convoy” protests that have blockaded border crossings between Canada and the United States.

“I think we see what we’re facing here,” Schroder said in the lengthy clip. “It’s an evil that is trying to be forced upon our children, upon us. And God bless the Canadian truckers and the Canadian cowboys up there on the border.”

The “NYPD Blue” actor, 51, noted that there’s “great potential” for American truckers to kick off similar protests in Washington D.C. and several state capitals.

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