GOP Presidential Digest

Republicans and Democrats are constantly at odds in America, these disagreements turn into battles fought across several states and all branches of our government. These disputes are centered around political, cultural, and economic issues that we deeply care about, so it makes sense to stay informed and get involved. 

This is your GOP Presidential Digest, where we are going to go over all of the subtle details in the big stories through this past week. It’s important to know all the details with dishonest journalists and fake news empires running amuck, it’s easy to read a headline and get misinformed so let’s take a look at the facts. 


Republican Governor Slams Trump Campaign Rumors 


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is condemning the rumors that former President Trump is going to run for President again in 2024. 

Governor Hogan said that the stakes are too high for the country to consider a candidate like Trump. Hogan is going out of his way to tell other members of the GOP that Trump is not the best candidate for the upcoming presidential cycle. 

Several other Republicans have also come out to criticize the former President and condemn any rumors that he is running again. 


Ted Cruz 2024?


Republican Senator Ted Cruz may be eyeing the white house once again if rumors are to be believed. 

While being interviewed on NBC, Cruz told the outlet that the race in 2024 will “very much hinge on whatever President Trump decides to do.” Many have taken this to mean that he will run for office if Trump declines to do so. 

Senator Ted Cruz was a close contender in 2016 and would have had a solid chance of winning the nomination if Trump had not run, this is further fueling rumors that he is running in 2024.


Investigate Pence? 


Former President Donald Trump recently said in a statement that the January 6th commission should investigate Mike Pence. 

Mike Pence was a pivotal character in the Stop the Steal rally and eventual riot at the capitol, while he didn’t participate in either event he was the focus of many protesters and rioters. Considering this it is strange that he hasn’t been investigated by the committee yet, this same committee has gone after a variety of people so far and many are unsure as to how far the committee is willing to go. 

Many fear that the January 6th committee is a political ploy being used by Democrats and RINO’s to entrap Trump allies, the committee remains a highly divisive topic in American politics.  


Brad Pitt’s Sustainable House Project Turns into a Disaster


Legendary Actor Brad Pitt started a foundation in 2007 which sought to create affordable and sustainable houses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, looking back many consider this effort to be a disaster. 

The foundation was supposed to build 150 houses and only fell short by 41 by the end of the 2015 deadline, the houses were sold to victims of the natural disaster for a loss at around $150,000 a piece. 

Now 7 years after the deadline, only a few of these houses remain in what can be described as “reasonably good shape” ; the rest have been plagued with structural issues, rotting wood, and other damage. 

Now the organization and Pitt himself are being sued as a result of the home’s poor design and general issues. 

Heritage Calls for Impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas 


The massive conservative think tank, the Heritage foundation, is calling for the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas. 

Heritage is claiming that Mayorkas has failed even the most basic responsibilities of his position and are even going as far as to say that he has undermined national security. The group wants him to resign and if he doesn’t they want him impeached. 

Calls for multiple Biden administration officials to resign are at fever pitch and Democrats are going to suffer in the polls this November as a result.