Ted Cruz Hints at Launching Another Presidential Campaign

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz continued to hint that he would jump in the 2024 presidential race, but likely only if former President Donald Trump decided not to run.

‘The race in ’24 will very much hinge on whatever President Trump decides to do,’ Cruz told NBC News for a profile that came out Monday about the Texas Republican’s presidential ambitions. ‘President Trump is going to make his decision whether or not he runs, or nobody else is going to make that decision for him. And I expect that everyone else will react accordingly when he does make that decision.’

Last month, he answered, ‘absolutely, in a heartbeat,’ when asked by the Truth Gazette if he’d run for president in 2024.

‘There’s a reason historically that the runner-up is almost always the next nominee,’ Cruz said, calling the 2016 campaign ‘the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.’

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