Biden Fails to Lead as Russia Puts Him to The Test

As Russia beats the drums of war, American leadership has once again been put to the test. And we’re failing.

Although 8,500 U.S. troops are now on alert to deploy at short notice, more than 100,000 Russian soldiers have already been deployed on Ukraine’s border. President Joe Biden’s State Department recently ordered the departure of embassy staff family members from Ukraine, acknowledging the very real threat of invasion — or, if you will, a “minor incursion.”

Ukraine may be the latest flashpoint in geopolitical posturing, but the issue at hand really isn’t about Ukraine. It’s about Poland in 1939. It’s about appeasing military powers that need not be appeased. It’s about Taiwan, whose people contend with Chinese aggression on a daily basis. It’s about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) flying dozens of warplanes  toward Taiwan in a blatant show of force.

It’s about every commitment that America has ever made to people facing oppression and fearing war. It’s about leadership: How do we, as a nation, respond to provocation?

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