Republicans Call for Biden to Fire Chief of Staff

FIRST ON FOX: Republicans have cycled through nicknames for Ron Klain, President Biden’s powerful White House chief of staff, such as “Prime Minister Klain” or “the guy behind the curtain.” But now, Republicans increasingly say, Klain deserves a new label: fired.

Klain’s key role in the Biden administration is facing special scrutiny as Biden, who has kept a remarkably low media profile, struggles to juggle a series of crises, from the economy, to foreign policy, to the surging coronavirus that Biden promised to “shut down.”

Anonymous White House officials and congressional Democrats have blamed Klain for the administration’s issues in leaks to the media.

And Klain’s prolific use of Twitter has caused headaches for the White House on repeated occasions, such as when he endorsed the idea that inflation is a “high class problem,” or when one of his retweets appeared in an appellate court ruling blocking Biden’s vaccine mandate.

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