Bongino Celebrates ‘Victory’ Over YouTube

Dan Bongino, a popular conservative commentator and former Secret Service agent, is celebrating his victory over YouTube. The video-sharing giant recently suspended Bongino from posting content on the platform for one week and demonetized his videos for at least 30 days because he said in a video that masks are “useless” in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

However, while some would look at YouTube’s move as a hurtful setback Bongino says it clearly highlights the double standard between how platforms treat conservatives versus liberals. In the video, Bongino noted there were no randomized controlled trial studies that proved surgical or cloth masks were effective at reducing the spread of the coronavirus, although he admitted the N95 masks were effective at doing so. YouTube still labeled the video as “Covid-19 medical misinformation.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

“YouTube shut me down, which by the way I begged them to do, and is now the greatest moment of my life. We’re taking a victory lap,” said Bongino.

“YouTube is making us billions of dollars in the parallel economy at Rumble. We want to celebrate YouTube. I’m really hoping they do more to censor my account,” he added.

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