Romney Hits Trump While Warning Democrats Against Filibuster Changes

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) on Tuesday issued a warning to Democrats about the potential consequences of getting rid of the filibuster and accused President Biden of going down “the same tragic road” of former President Trump.

“The United States Senate is one of our vital democratic institutions, and the power given to the minority in the Senate and the resulting requirement for political consensus are among the Senate’s defining features,” Romney said while speaking on the Senate floor.

“Note that in the federal government, empowerment of the minority is established through only one institution: the Senate,” he said. “The majority decides in the House; the majority decides in the Supreme Court; and the president, of course, is a majority of one. Only in the Senate does the minority restrain the power of the majority.”

Romney asserted that the power afforded to the minority was “critical” because it helped to ensure that laws passed in the Senate appealed to both political parties and did not “originate from the extreme wing of either one.” Without the filibuster, measures on taxes, safety net programs and national security would change every time another party gained the majority, Romney said.

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