Larry Elder Comments on Virginia Election

After the California gubernatorial recall election, many pundits, as well as my opponent’s campaign manager, pushed the narrative that “Larry Elder was a gift” to Gov. Gavin Newsom. A kinder, gentler Republican, they insisted, who distanced himself from the loathsome former President Donald Trump, would have made all the difference in the world, despite the fact that 75% of California voters are registered as Democrats or independents.

CNN’s Lincoln Mitchell wrote: “Elder was precisely what Newsom needed to make the fear of Trumpism real in the eyes of California’s substantial Democratic majority. Elder, a long-time conservative talk radio host, is well known among right-wing Californians, but many other voters have only gotten to know him in more recent weeks.” A San Francisco Chronicle headline read: “Larry Elder Is the Trumpist Who May Save Gavin Newsom’s Job.”

After the race, Politico asserted: “By Labor Day, Newsom had turned what started as an up-or-down vote on his governorship into a choice between him and Elder, the radio show host Newsom relentlessly tethered to Trump. … For Newsom, the emergence of Elder as the GOP’s standard bearer was an unexpected gift.”


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