GOP Presidential Digest

Republicans and Democrats are constantly at odds in America, these disagreements turn into battles fought across several states and all branches of our government. These disputes are centered around political, cultural, and economic issues that we deeply care about, so it makes sense to stay informed and get involved. 

This is your GOP Presidential Digest, where we are going to go over all of the subtle details in the big stories through this past week. It’s important to know all the details with dishonest journalists and fake news empires running amuck, it’s easy to read a headline and get misinformed so let’s take a look at the facts. 


What Lindsey Graham Thought About the Capitol Riot as it Happened

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham speaking with attendees at the 2015 Iowa Growth & Opportunity Party at the Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa. / Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Lindsey Graham was a key ally to former President Donald Trump when he was in office, and although the January 6th riot had little to actually do with Trump, many are still curious as to what one of his allies at the Capitol was thinking when the event went down. 

The January 6th capitol riot was an event that occurred on January 6th, 2021. At this event, several protesters were let into the Capitol building by DC police and several others broke into the building. The event was extensively covered by the media as then “Trump Insurrection” although the only casualties from the event were a protester who was shot and killed by DC police and a member of the DC police who had a heart attack. The event itself was riddled with confusion from both authorities and those protesters who were meandering about the Capitol building. 

Lindsey Graham was a name thrown around by the media as someone who possibly collaborated with the protestors, although there was no evidence to suggest this at the time nor is there evidence to support this now. Despite this, many are still curious to know exactly what was going through Lindsey Graham’s head during this event. 

According to a report that was published by The Washington Post, Lindsey Graham told the Capitol Police to retake the Senate Chamber with the guns they were issued by the government. Senator Graham was reportedly upset that the Senators were being evacuated from the building and insisted that the Senate sergeant-at-arms use guns on protesters. 


Senate Republicans Move to Nullify Biden’s Vaccine Mandates 

Former Second Lady of the United States Jill Biden and former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden at the Fourth of July Iowa Cubs game at Principal Park in Des Moines, Iowa. / Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Republicans in the Senate have begun the process of nullifying Biden’s vaccine mandate. 

The President has begun the process of mandating the vaccine for all employees and this has caused quite the stir in Washington. The initial executive order pushed by Biden involved companies with over 100 employees and this was immediately pushed back on by conservative politicians and thought leaders. 

Workers also opposed this mandate, some knowing that they would lose their jobs if this went through and others knowing that the business they worked for would face staffing issues if it went through. Some companies even went against the mandate from the Biden administration in an effort to stay afloat during this period of economic turmoil. 

Republican Senators are trying to use the Congressional Review Act to push back on this mandate. These Senators would have to get a Joint Resolution of Disapproval together if they want to overturn this mandate. The CRA allows Congress to overturn certain federal mandates and regulations if they can get this from both chambers and approval from the president (they would need a Congressional veto in this case). 

There are still some holdouts in the Senate, but know that these holdouts are waiting for OSHA to make the mandate official before overturning it. 


Radical Democrats Lose BIG in New York 

Jessica Rodriguez Rivas via ( Wikimedia Commons

Radical Democrats and their agenda lost big this past week during the 2021 elections.

Virginia was not the only highlight from this past week of elections, although the trouncing of Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe is nothing but good news, Minnesota and New York saw some major change as well. 

In Buffalo, New York we saw Democrat Socialist Candidate India Walton lose to a write-in campaign from Democrat Byron Brown. This was major news considering the past success or rather lack thereof, for write-in campaigns. This particular election was a referendum on radical Democrats and their involvement in local elections more than anything else. 


Newsmax Hires Rick Santorum 

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum speaking with a supporter at an event at Arizona Christian University in Phoenix, Arizona. / Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Newsmax has hired Rick Santorum after his departure from CNN. 

Former GOP Senator Rick Santorum will be joining Newsmax as a senior political analyst and made his debut with the special election coverage earlier this week. 

Santorum was at CNN for about six months and served as a political commentator while with the network. 


Biden Ends Trump Border Policy 

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump delivers remarks to employees of the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C. Jan. 25, 2017. President Trump praised the new Secretary of DHS, Gen. John Kelly saying: “Secretary Kelly will deliver for the American people, / Official DHS photo by Barry Bahler

The Biden Administration has officially moved to shut down the Trump-era policy that limited the number of asylum-seekers who can apply at land ports on the US-Mexico. 

This policy from the Trump administration made the idea of applying for asylum less appealing and therefore kept away the people who did not really need to apply for asylum. Fraudulent asylum claims are all too common at the southern border as many see it as an easy way to get into the country as economic migrants. 

The Biden Administration’s repeal of this Trump-era policy will mean that more illegal migrants can enter the country via the asylum process despite being economic migrants, not asylum seekers.