Cruz Proposes Moving Migrant Ports of Entry to Democrat ‘Enclaves’

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced a bill that would create processing centers for the surge of migrants at the southern border in wealthy Democratic strongholds.

Cruz, who has vehemently denounced the Biden administration’s approach to immigration, said Tuesday that the Stop the Surge of Unsafe Rio Grande Encampments Act would make Democrats “face the disaster of their policies and the humanitarian misery they are causing.”

“I am introducing this crucial legislation to alleviate the massive overload at the southern border by establishing new ports of entry in Democrat-led communities such as North Hero, Vermont, where Bernie Sanders spends his summers, and Martha’s Vineyard, where Democrat elites host their cocktail parties,” Cruz wrote .

“You see rich Democrats basically saying to Texas and the rest of the country, ‘Oh, you silly people, you shouldn’t worry about this,’” Cruz told Fox News. “And they say this while they’re at their fancy enclaves, while they’re wining and dining.”

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