This GOPer Just Eviscerated the IRS’ Plan to Track Americans

How many surveillance schemes can the government hatch under a Democratic administration? Seriously. How many times can they commit gross overreach? They issued a new eviction moratorium even when most legal scholars said it would probably be struck down as unconstitutional. They did just that, by the way—and Biden ignored it. He’s trying to confiscate millions of firearms through a regulatory tweak with the ATF that bans pistol stabilizing braces that 10-40 million Americans own. It has nothing to do with public safety. He just wants to do a soft gun grab. No grandfather clause—these weapons would have to be registered or turned over to the authorities. The government is executing “keyword warrants” that force companies like Google to disclose user data based on certain search terms. And now, every transaction of $600 or more will be tracked by the IRS to supposedly crackdown on tax fraud. It’s another case of ‘trust us’ (via NY Post):

During an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday, Yellen was pressed on whether the IRS has the “wherewithal” to collect more information about taxpayers and bank accounts including cash flows, something many Republicans have called invasive.

“Well, of course they do,” Yellen said. “Right now, on every bank account that earns more than $10 a year in interest, the banks report the interest earned to the IRS. That’s part of the information base that includes W2’s and reports on dividends in other income that taxpayers earned. So collection of information is routine.”

Yellen cited the “enormous tax gap” in the US as the reason behind the proposed tax hikes and information collecting, blaming the gap on places where information on income “can be hidden.”

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