Rep. Crenshaw Hit With Fine for Avoiding Pelosi’s Metal Detectors

Rep. Dan Crenshaw was fined $5,000 for bypassing security procedures before he entered the Republican cloakroom within the Capitol complex last week, the House Committee on Ethics said Wednesday.

The fine levied against the Texas Republican follows an investigation into two individuals who entered the House chamber without clearing security. Officers identified Crenshaw as one, and the other unidentified person appeared to be a former member of Congress.

By entering the room on Sept. 23, Crenshaw violated H.R. 73 and was informed of the fine and his appeal rights one day later, according to a statement from House Sergeant-at-Arms William Walker.

Capitol Police officers analyzed footage showing an unknown man wearing a pin that signaled he was a former member of Congress. The individual bypassed security before an officer told the man he must enter through the House main door before coming into the chamber.

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