White House Stands By Attacking Border Agents Despite Whip Claims Proven False

The White House ‘s reaction to images of border agents on horseback blocking Haitians from crossing into Texas has not changed, even though reports migrants were being whipped have been debunked.

President Joe Biden vowed the border agents “will pay” after photos in the El Paso Times last week were widely reported to show agents whipping migrants . But even though the paper has walked back those claims and it now appears the agents were simply twirling reins, White House press secretary Jen Psaki continued to condemn the agents.

“I don’t think anyone could look at those photos and think that was appropriate behavior or something that should be accepted within our administration,” Psaki said, reiterating her comments from last week. “There’s an investigation that’s ongoing. We’ll let that play out, but our reaction to the photos has not changed.”

Video showed the agents did not whip migrants, and a photographer who took the photos that touched off the controversy said the whipping claims were inaccurate. But on Friday, Biden condemned the agents in the harshest terms

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