Maricopa County Selects AG to Investigate Voter Data Leak

A local election official in Maricopa County, Arizona , asked state Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate after voter registration records were uploaded to the internet, calling it a “potentially illegal” data leak.

The voter registration records, known as the “voter file,” were reportedly “posted on the internet as well as being sent to unauthorized individuals,” Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer said. The voter file, which includes some phone numbers, names, addresses, and party affiliations of registered voters, is available to the public, but uploading it online is punishable by felony charges. While the voter file shows whether a person has voted in recent elections, it does not show the candidates and issues voters supported.

“It appears that in this case, information from a public records request may have been posted in violation of state law,” Richer said in a statement on Thursday. “I trust the Attorney General will look into this and take any necessary action.”

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