White House Applauds Newsom Victory

The White House praised California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s survival in a state recall election, arguing that the Democrat’s sweeping margin makes the case for President Joe Biden’s latest COVID-19 rules.

“This was a resounding victory for Gov. Newsom, but also for a science based approach to fighting the pandemic for vaccines, for testing, for steps that will protect more people and save more lives,” press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Wednesday. “There’s extensive data from last night that shows that Californians were overwhelmingly in favor of a leader who was willing to take strong steps to defeat COVID and get the economy up and running.”

Newsom defeated the measure by a 2-1 margin, 66% to 33%, according to the Associated Press.

During an appearance in the state on Monday, Biden said voters risked electing a “clone” of former President Donald Trump if the governor failed to defeat the recall measure. Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder was the leading Republican in the polls if the recall had prevailed.

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