Larry Elder May Bring an End to Gun Control

The state of California has long been regarded as the least free state in America, especially when it comes to your Second Amendment rights, but things may soon come to change in the Golden State.

To be fair, California is not the worst state in America when it comes to gun laws, New York has them beat by a mile, but the state does have very bad gun laws and is well known for its freedom-hating ways. There is a reason gun manufacturers have to offer “California Compliant” versions of their firearms and internet users refer to these firearms as “Cali-Cucked.” The state’s gun laws are in a very bad place and Americans can not fully express their Second Amendment rights, but the age of gun control might be coming to an end in California as Republican Larry Elder has a real shot at winning the Gubernatorial election.

Larry Elder is a conservative leader and has made groundbreaking progress in the liberal stronghold, it is fair to say that he is the first Republican in recent history to have a real chance at winning in the state. The only reason that Elder can even run at this time is that Governor Gavin Newsom is being recalled and a recall election will take place in mid-September. This is a major opportunity for gun owners in California to show up and reclaim their freedoms.

While Larry Elder’s pro-2A stance is important, it is only a footnote in his campaign and something that has been overlooked by California voters. Elder’s campaign has taken a focus on issues like the mask and vaccine mandate the state has in place, but rest assured that Elder is on our side when it comes to the Second Amendment.

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