Biden Misses Deadline to Inform GOP Lawmakers How Many Americans Remain in Afghanistan

President Biden missed a deadline Tuesday evening set by Republican senators who demanded he provide the exact number of Americans, green card holders and special immigrant visa applicants who remain in Afghanistan.

The group of 26 Republicans, led by Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, gave the president until 5 p.m. ET Tuesday to give the public a full, unclassified accounting of who was “left behind” after the last of the U.S. troops evacuated Kabul on Aug 30. They also wanted a detailed account of the vetting process of the Afghan refugees who are not SIVs or green card holders and whether they were evacuated to the U.S. with any pending immigration status.

“President Biden and Biden-Harris administration officials have no idea who has been getting on their planes, but they don’t want to admit that because it would show they stranded Americans and Afghan SIVs while failing to vet planeloads of incoming people,” Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas told Fox News in a statement.

“Congress, staffers, veterans, volunteers, and NGOs have been working together to save them, but that can’t make up for the massive failure by the President and State Department to rescue Americans or their ongoing vetting failures, no matter how much they want to ignore those catastrophes,” he said.

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