GOP Governor Tears Into Biden

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wrote a letter to Democrat President Joe Biden on Monday demanding that the Biden administration share information with Florida about the ongoing situation in Afghanistan and how certain impacts from the disaster that Biden created could impact the state of Florida.

“As President Biden’s self-imposed August 31, 2021, evacuation deadline approaches and the situation rapidly deteriorates, the continued lack of information sharing is unacceptable,” DeSantis wrote. “The crisis in Afghanistan is of President Biden’ s own making, yet the consequences extend beyond the borders of Afghanistan and into the United States.”

DeSantis said that it was critical for Biden to immediately answer the following questions:

  1. How many Floridians remain in Afghanistan?
  2. What is the Administration doing to ensure the safe evacuation of all American citizens and all
    eligible Afghan partners?
  3. How many Afghans are being evacuated to the United States and where are they going?
  4. What is the vetting process of Afghans being transported to the United States?
  5. Have any evacuees been flagged for possible ties to terrorism during security protocols?
  6. What will happen to American citizens and Afghan allies left in harm’s way on September 1, 2021?

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