Elise Stefanik Says Biden ‘Unfit’ to Lead

Republicans are slamming the Biden administration’s handling of Afghanistan after multiple explosions outside of the Kabul airport, injuring at least three U.S. Marines.

“Mr. President, fix the mess you created. Stop running from it. We are still at war. You didn’t ‘end the war,’ you just gave the enemy new advantage. Go on offense, establish superiority, and don’t leave until all our citizens and allies are safe,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw tweeted in response to the violence.

A suicide bombing outside of Abbey Gate at Kabul’s airport injured at least 3 U.S. Marines Thursday, U.S. officials confirmed. It is unclear how many others were injured or killed.

The violence sparked others to join Crenshaw in criticizing the Biden administration’s handling of Afghanistan and sending their prayers to U.S. troops on the ground.

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