New Poll Reveals Horrific Prediction For Americans in Afghanistan

People are fast losing confidence in President Joe Biden, who today hit a new approval rating low as he fumbles through efforts to rescue Americans in Afghanistan before the Taliban shut the door on Aug. 31.

Not only do voters believe that Biden isn’t doing enough to help stranded citizens, but a massive 76% believes some will be left behind to be captured by the terror group that now controls Afghanistan in the wake of the United States’s withdrawal.

The latest Rasmussen Reports surveys should be a wake-up call to the White House, which has tried, with some media help, to project confidence while Americans in Kabul express fear over Biden’s slow-moving evacuation efforts.

The polling outfit said that 59% of likely voters “believe the Biden administration is not doing enough to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan.” Just 28% of respondents believe the administration is doing enough.

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