Pence Calls America’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan a ‘Reckless Retreat’

Former Vice President Mike Pence this week criticized President Joe Biden for the manner in which the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, calling it “disastrous” and a “reckless retreat.”

“The Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan is a foreign-policy humiliation unlike anything our country has endured since the Iran hostage crisis,” Pence wrote in a blistering op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

“In recent days, the world has watched panicked civilians cling to U.S. military aircraft in a desperate attempt to escape the chaos unleashed by Mr. Biden’s reckless retreat,” Pence wrote.

“American diplomats had to beg our enemies not to storm our embassy in Kabul. Taliban fighters have seized scores of American military vehicles, rifles, artillery, aircraft, helicopters and drones.”

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