Former Obama Adviser Call on Biden to Change National Security team After Afghanistan ‘Disaster’

An Obama administration adviser called on President Joe Biden to “shake up his national security team” after the Taliban quickly seized control of Afghanistan as the U.S. withdrew its troops.

Brett Bruen, who was director of global engagement in the Obama White House, penned a scathing opinion piece in the USA Today headlined, “Ex-Obama adviser: Why Biden must fire his national security adviser for Afghanistan failure.”

“President Joe Biden needs to shake up his national security team,” Bruen wrote. “The disaster that unfolded in Afghanistan is illustrative of other major issues at the White House. The people, plans and processes the president has put in place to keep America safe are not working.”

Bruen feels people chosen by Biden “have repeatedly failed to challenge their own assumptions” which had “sadly led to the most unnecessarily embarrassing day in the history of the National Security Council.”

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