Republicans Wants to Entice Wuhan Whistleblowers With Cold Hard Cash

Republicans want the State Department to offer cash rewards to any person with inside information about the Chinese lab suspected of leaking the coronavirus that caused a global pandemic.

House Republicans introduced legislation last week that would mandate the State Department’s Rewards for Justice Program—which is best-known for placing bounties on the heads of global terrorist leaders—to give money to anyone with information about the coronavirus’s origins and the Chinese Communist Party’s subsequent cover-up.

The provision is part of a sprawling legislative package that would sanction China for its routine theft of American intellectual property and hacks on the U.S. government. House Republicans disclosed in a report this week that the virus likely leaked from a Wuhan lab engaged in controversial “gain of function” research, which genetically alters viruses to make them more contagious.

The legislation, called the Countering Communist China Act, was authored by the Republican Study Committee (RSC), Congress’s largest conservative caucus, and is backed by more than 30 House members. Many sections of the bill, including the section authorizing rewards for whistleblowers, could attract the support of Democrats, who have also been seeking to hold China accountable.

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