GOP Rep Sues Rachel Maddow

One of the Republican congressmen who most visibly opposed Democrats’ mishandling of classified information has sued MSNBC’s parent company on the grounds that Rachel Maddow defamed him.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) filed a lawsuit against NBCUniversal on Tuesday over claims that Maddow made, suggesting that Nunes did not turn over a package he received from a pro-Russian Ukrainian lawmaker in late 2019.

“How do Republicans keep Devin Nunes on as the ranking member of the Intelligence Committee given his unexplained interactions with Andriy Derkach?” the show’s official account tweeted at the time.

“Congressman Nunes has refused to answer questions about what he received from Andriy Derkach. He has refused to show the contents of the package to other members of the intelligence community,” Maddow told MSNBC viewers. “He has refused to hand it over to the FBI, which is what you should do if you get something from somebody who is sanctioned by the U.S. as a Russian agent.”

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