AOC Blames Own Party For Eviction Moratorium Expiring

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday blamed ‘conservative Democrats’ for allowing the federal eviction moratorium to expire overnight, causing millions of residents to be left at risk of removal from their homes.

The federal eviction moratorium expired at midnight on Saturday despite efforts by top Democrats to expand the legislation that had been extended multiple times throughout the pandemic. During a Sunday interview on CNN, Ocasio-Cortez contended that the “House and House leadership had the opportunity to vote to extend the moratorium.”

“And there were many, and there was, frankly, a handful of conservative Democrats in the House that threatened to get on planes rather than hold this vote,” the New York Democrat added.

President Joe Biden was adamant about extending the moratorium but made his vocal call for House lawmakers to extend it on Thursday, three days before it was set to expire.

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