Gov. Whitmer Exceeds Campaign Finance Limit Thanks to Loophole

The push by some Republicans in Michigan to recall Gov. Gretchen Whitmer may be backfiring – and helping to fuel fundraising by the first-term Democrat who is running for reelection next year.

Whitmer’s reelection campaign announced on Monday that the governor hauled in an eyepopping $8.6 million in fundraising from Jan. 1 through July 20, breaking a record for a Michigan gubernatorial incumbent or candidate in an off-election year.

A good chunk of the governor’s change came from some top-dollar donors who were able to give more than the normal legal limit, due to a caveat.

Michigan law dictates that the maximum amount an individual donor can contribute to a gubernatorial campaign committee is $7,150. But Whitmer’s been able to circumvent the legal limits due to a 1984 state ruling that says contribution limits didn’t apply to governors – such as Whitmer – who are defending themselves against recall efforts.

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