GA Dem Admits New Voting Law Addresses Key Issues, Quickly Says Why That’s Bad

The Senate Rules Committee left the confines of the U.S. Capitol and went down to Georgia on Monday to hold a field hearing on the state’s new voting law, with Democrats insisting the bill is a racist measure meant to make voting more difficult for minorities.

Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., who claimed that the rules were a new form of Jim Crow restrictions, noted how long the bill is – 80 pages – and asked Democratic State Sen. Sally Harrell if any part of it addressed having “a fair number of precincts” and a solution to the problem of long lines, which have kept minorities from voting in the past. As it turns out, she said, it does.

“There actually is a piece of a – a section in the bill that says that if it’s documented that people have to wait for a certain amount of time, that during the next election that precinct would be split,” Harrell acknowledged.

While Harrell admitted that the problem of long lines and number of precincts is addressed by the bill, she then claimed that this was really a “smoking gun” for why the bill is actually detrimental to people’s ability to vote.

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