Brian Kemp Calls Out Dems For Canceling Conservatives

GOP Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia urged Republicans to remain engaged as he formally launched his 2022 reelection campaign.

“We need everyone engaged, because we know the Democrats are united,” Kemp told a crowd of supporters Saturday at his campaign kickoff at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, a solidly conservative part of the Peach State.

Georgia was long a reliably red state. But now-President Biden narrowly edged then-President Trump in Georgia in November, becoming the first Democrat to win the state in a presidential election in more than a quarter-century. And two months later, the Democrats swept the state’s twin Senate runoff contests, giving them the majority in the chamber.

Kemp, working to shore up his base, closed his speech by arguing that the Democrats have overplayed their hand in Georgia. “Make no mistake. They’re going to continue to cancel conservatives across the country,” he said. “They are trying to go after anyone in the country that doesn’t share their values.”

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