Republican Ken Buck Makes Shocking Statement ABout Big Tech and Cooperate Donations

Rep. Ken Buck said Friday that Republicans should not take donations from Big Tech, in order to avoid the appearance that they are being influenced by the massive corporations. But the Colorado Republican tread very carefully when asked about the disagreements in the GOP in Congress about how to handle Big Tech.

“I’m not taking money from the Big Tech companies, and I’ve encouraged other Republicans not to do that, and I’ve started a pledge – we’ve got a number of Republicans that have signed that pledge – making sure that the public understands that we’re not going to be in any way influenced by these big tech companies,” he said.

Buck made the comments in an interview with Fox News at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas.

“I’m not alleging that any other Republican is” being influenced Buck added. “But I do think as a matter of appearance it’s important for us to take that action.”

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