Rep Nancy Mace Begins Carrying Her Sidearm After Death Threats and Vandalism

“I now go to the gun range almost weekly to practice shooting,” she said.

Mace said this is not the first time she has been targeted. In October 2020, a month before narrowly defeating Democrat incumbent Joe Cunningham, she reported that her car had been keyed. After receiving death threats in December, she got a concealed weapons permit.

“It doesn’t feel good that I feel like I have to look behind my shoulder every day. It doesn’t feel safe,” said Mace. “I carry a gun wherever I go today. Wherever I’m allowed to, I do carry.”

Mace, the first woman to graduate from The Citadel, said she grew up with guns in the house and is training her kids how to shoot. Mace’s children were not home when the reported vandalism occurred.

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